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Keeping Up with the Kardashians (2007)

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Rayting:   2.8/10 267 votes
Country: USA
Language: English

A peek inside the exploits and privileged private lives of L.A.'s blended Kardashian-Jenner family, including sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloé.

Stars: Kourtney Kardashian Khloe Kardashian Kim Kardashian


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User Reviews

fallyhag 2 January 2009

There needs to be a rating choice of zero for shows like this. I have just watched the episode where they drag a homeless man off the street to "play with" and I have never felt so sad for these horrible people. The show is 100% pure car crash TV. The worst thing is that it is totally not "reality" and comes across as completely scripted, planned and faked.

Sadly it seems like any Joe can now grab a film deal and the once original Ozzy Osbourne format has now long gone. This show just sums up everything I hate about these type of people and watching it makes me sad to be part of the same race.

These shows must stop...but they wont...because they are designed for lazy viewing (couch potatoes) and lets face it...there are plenty out there to keep this sort of show on air :(

lambiepie-2 28 October 2007

Sadly, IMDb doesn't have a rating system under 1 to grade reality shows - and this reality program is a perfect example where zero should be installed.

No matter how long you may look at "Keeping Up WIht the Kardashans", it has no value in any category whatsoever - just another entry into the 'fast food' genre of reality programing - lots of calories, non-filling and quickly forgetful.

Here you have another twenty something ungrateful Hollywood raised female woman-child, in another typically ungrateful for celebrity-family with parents who are so self absorbed and ungrateful towards themselves, that you wonder how they can have time left to be ungrateful towards the children under their roof/in their lives. But oh, they find time.

So what keeps you watching? The 15 minute 'clinique' beauty of the twenty something self described "socialite"? The little "naughty-bits" they sneak in of T&A just under the radar of standards and practices? The self-absorption of the parents? The back-talk and snotty attitudes the children are allowed to give to these parents? The unruliness of a blended family? Or just the idea of taking a peek into the life of "folks with celebrity" and then taking a look at your own life and realizing that mom and dad ....maybe aren't SO bad.

The beauty of freedom is that there will always be something for everyone. And in that freedom, you can take a look and decide if it's good or bad. For me, this show is bad, meaningless. This is not to say that all TV must be 20 hours of "Leave it to Beaver" or the "Brady Bunch". That's unrealistic. We've got to be exposed to real family dysfunction to see that that the world isn't always sugary sweet and pristine perfect. Not parents, not kids, not even our pets.

But programs like this are getting to be a standard. There isn't anything warm or exciting about viewing the life of a young woman who's already hit her peak - mentally, educationally, sexually - and is heading downward fast. Or her mother who IS allowing it - even if it is only due to her own self-absorption. And a father who couldn't care less because he ISN'T her father particularly, just another man in a long line of men that the mother has luckily hooked her claws into. And the household siblings - the siblings to whom you have a bet going that they will either run out of the home screaming for real love, acceptance, stability, boundaries - or end up just like their older sibling on a YouTube edited soft porn segment or even worse - a real one.

Is this entertainment? Depends on you. It is a train wreck that you may stop to see for a minute or two - but there are so many OTHER train wrecks to see in "reality TV" these days from music television to classic television channels, why stick with this one? Even if its only for a minute? Well...maybe to hug mom and dad and thank them that you're not ever going to end up as dull, lifeless, and boring as this family no matter how much money, TV cameras or publicity there is in the world. This shows that fame, money -- the appearance of it or the chasing of it -- isn't all it's cracked up to be, but obviously will crack those who have it.

umbraphile 20 February 2010

As with all reality TV shows, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" is a waste of airtime. Every episode involves stupid, idiotic people engaging in the same petty dramatics that have obviously been written and staged - rather poorly might I add. There is absolutely nothing special about this garbage, and I cannot see why anyone would find it the least bit enjoyable. The acting is poor, which is not surprising considering how untalented these individuals are. Kim is exactly like Paris Hilton, that alone being an excellent reason to change the channel.

Stay away and do not expose your loved ones to this poor excuse for entertainment. They will thank you later.

sdoulfik 30 July 2016

This show is more political than just entertainment. We need to question why are so many people watching this show which has no important message. This shows makes us think of a society that is obsessed with watching reality even though it has no educational or informative message. it is a culture that is obsessed with a narcissistic society as Pecora write about in the Surveillance Society. The Kardashians not only make it seem that it is important to publish their private lives and make it an entertainment but they also send a message that many must critically analyze: consumerism. They show their houses and talk about their brands in order to target young audiences and not only receive money from the show but also from their brands. It is the complete exploitation of the fan audiences. When done watching an episode, audiences walk out with a desire to purchase things and speculate about useless stuff like how kim lost a $70,000 earrings in the pool and cried about it. The Kardashians want to create realism and influence an ideology of consumerism. Even though it is blatant their show is scripted or might be manipulated at times in order to create social media buzz. For example, when Kim Kardashian recorded the conversation with taylor swift and Kanye West and published it on snapchat in order to humiliate Taylor and gain more snapchat followers. It is all done for profit and fame. The real question that show make emerge critical discussions is why do the Kardashians believe people would want to watch their private lives? Isn't that exploiting the audience by using their time for useless content? As well as to promote their brands? Every episode is pointless and had drama that we don't need to see such as the drama when Bruce Jenner told the family he wants to transition to a female. The whole episode was Kylie, Kourtney, Khloe complaining about how he has never talked to them about this even though he's been feeling like a woman for a long time. How does this narrative and plot affect the audience? It doesn't teach us anything other than being obsessed with reality TV.

pepe4u22 5 December 2010

First a 1/10 is as low as i was allowed to go..watched one episode of this garbage and after 10 minutes i felt violated by the absolute stupidity and pathetic nature of this show. Every one involved should be ashamed and be held in contempt for foisting this garbage upon the human race. The kardashians are famous right now because the one sister is basically in the words of the author and former NFL player a "Jersey Jumper" who's skill she foisted upon the world is the same thing that everyone can do but they do not put on tape. Yes let us make a show around someone like that and sugar coat it a trollop is a trollop the other sisters who's names are who cares and who really cares behave worse than my nephew and niece on a really bad day everyday by the way my nephew and niece are 8 and 12 and who cares about them. This show is a ripoff of the Osbourne's which i liked because Ozzie is a legend and likable along with the rest of his brood and a severely water down version of Gene Simmons Family Jewels another of the better reality shows and why people prefer those shows is that at least there are people with charisma in those shows while in this show just a bunch of self indulgent overaged teenagers with issues with promiscuity and a warped sense of self importance. I also have to say Bruce Jenner from Olympic golden boy to this what a drop and too boot he is whipped too.

tothearkham 25 December 2016

What about this show that people find so appealing that it warrants 12 seasons over the course of 9 years escapes me. Kim and her gang of Botox-abusing clowns have no talent to speak of. All the ""drama"" on the show is so obviously scripted and so cringe worthily executed by a bunch of talent-less hacks that it is impossible to get invested at all in their lives.

Overall the show's success can be chalked up to the fact that it is the epitome of what makes reality TV bad. It's cheap to make, features people with no talent but are famous anyway, and somehow manages to rake in millions of viewers.These combined factors pretty much means Keeping Up with the Kardashians is going to continue being one of the top contenders for the biggest embarrassment to American pop culture.

willrgomez 2 May 2017

There should definitely be a zero rating for this garbage. I cannot believe people watch this and even worse buy the family's products. I feel ashamed to be a millennial and I don't look forward to interacting with younger people in the future. This show has no value, the people in this show have no value but yet it has been running for years. I for one am happy I cancelled my cable TV. No need for garbage content in my home.

suspiriando 12 April 2020

Unfollow them and follow someone that does something!

hulababy926 18 March 2008

It seems that now a days, everyone can be on television. These people should not have their own television show. Its sad that this is what we call entertainment. I feel bad for the two young girls in this family. They are not being taught any values or self-respect. Its really sad that they have a sister who poses for Playboy after the sex tape incident. Whether they like it or not, the 3 older sisters are role models to these young girls. Why does the mother allow all these things to happen when there are children present? The father, it seems, tries to do the right thing, but nobody listens. These people are not celebrities. They are a family who should not have a television show.

sak500-121-597736 5 September 2016

I don't have much to say except that this trash should have been axed years ago. Not only it's polluting and turning innocent minds into junk but it's also turning them into self obsessive narcissistic selfie taking zombies. All this is due to some idiot trying to make this family happen. Someone sue the channel E! and ryan for this depravity / filth he created.

Pls sign petition or go to your congressmen and appeal to cancel this garbage and boycott this family from all media. They are creating zombie like followers even though out of millions only few 100k are real individuals not paid bots.

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Interstellar 2014 Movie Review

There have been many reviewers and critics allied that have of great altitude approval for the thin skin or coating (the optical private estate, the accomplishment, the harmony), but say how it's not Christopher Nolan's best directed thin skin or coating. This is where i personally would have to be unlike. Before i get into it, though, i'll speak about Interstellar a bit.

Interstellar 2014 is truly a sci-fi heroic like no other. To collate said thin skin or coating to '2001: A Extent Odyssey' isn't just a harm, but needless. The films are almost nothing allied, sincerely sharing tiny piece of ground elements. Also, Stanley Kubrick's sight of Arthur C. Clarke's sci-fi heroic wasn't to contemplate the philosophical questions that accompanied the record, but to make art, and art is was, and is. With Interstellar, Mr. Nolan set out to make his most private and emotional thin skin or coating to era about delight in and duration (duration being a recurring text throughout all of Nolan's films). But it's so much more than that too. There are no discourse to press out the heroic travel Nolan takes us on in the thin skin or coating, but needless to say, it's separate by pulling-jerking and emotional throughout. The accomplishment is top-nick, especially McConaughey, who gives (I would say) his most emotional accomplishment yet. But the participant who sucker the exhibit in a few scenes (one in particular, when they're on an not native planet) was David Gyasi as Romilly, one of the astronauts in the ship the Bearing, their spacecraft. The symphonious incision from Hans Zimmer is, without a be in a state of uncertainty, his best and most potent act to era, helping impel the thin skin or coating's doughty and respired air-taking sight (the meeting-house means helped significantly). The optical private estate are easily the best to era as well, and of the year. To see a atramentous aperture created through optical private estate in such a way, with pages theoretical equations provided by Kip Thorne (theoretical natural philosopher, of whom's act inspired the thin skin or coating's genesis); what you see in the thin skin or coating is the most realistic depiction of a atramentous aperture, and even offered new thorough knowledge to increase by adhesion discs surrounding the anomalies. But even everything else, from the not native planets to the Bearing, the visuals always look substantial. Then, there's the hand. I would definitely have to say this has some of the best colloquy i've ever heard in a sci-fi movie, and the script continually pours or oozes passion, care the formal reception tethered to the thin skin or coating.

Now, about Mr. Nolan. Don't just look at Nolan, but look at his films. Some say Beginning would be his masterpiece, while others would say it's The Murky Cavalier, or Remembrancer. But honestly, every sole thin skin or coating Christopher Nolan has directed is a masterpiece not of its genre, but of Nolan. Following is his unmoved masterpiece, not the thin skin or coating that put Mr. Nolan on the map as a phenomenal manager, but one clan visited or revisited after becoming customary to Nolan, after seeing Remembrancer, what could be called his breakout masterpiece. Then, right after, he directed the remake of the Norwegian thriller, Inability to sleep. This, too, could be considered a masterpiece, even if a remake. Then, we were given his take on the Batman nature, starting with Batman Begins, the root masterpiece. Then, there's The Prestige, adapted from the novel of the same name, which can be called his murky masterpiece. The Murky Cavalier, his doughty masterpiece; Beginning, his manifold masterpiece, and The Murky Cavalier Rises, his flawed masterpiece. Now, we have Interstellar, his emotional or private masterpiece.

This is just my looking at Nolan and his films, but whatever your thoughts are, you can't contradict Interstellar is one realms of pluto of a travel. He certainly is one of the best filmmakers of our duration, and of all duration. I can't wait to see what he does next, but i'm not sure it will be as emotionally potent as watchmoviesonline. Fmovies is the world's most popular and authoritative source for Movies and celebrity content. Find ratings and reviews for the newest Movies.

Ginny and Georgia Review

Watch tv series of you bewitching about the toping and sex and sexualizing a 15 year old have you no kids?!? I'm on digression 7 ( malign in the arms of morpheus half way thru ) and I only saw one sex exhibition and they didn't exhibit anything. Oh and superintend the publication of whining now because I'm not rewriting this. It's a approach of age history for Ginny and Georgia episode guide with thrilling elements and play. At first I couldn't rest on the feet Georgia but she's enlarging on me. It does exhibit quite a bit of the "teens". I was trying to think of something to collate it to and thinking skins ( but not really) I do think that if you like Skins you may like this but unlike Skins it deals a lot with Georgia ( the female parent). Any ways it's been firm to light upon becoming things to watchfulness for a while and I had been attention Orphan Atramentous the last few nights and just put this on instead so I liked it better than that. I'd approve if your not a prude and have raised a teen...

Ok. I just complete all of the sequence. The one reviewer was redress about the dad. Advantageous pain of mind! The last 3 episodes really could have been better since we have n exemplar if there will be subsequent time seasons. I felt like I was attention a exhibit that's been on for years and it was a ordinary hebdomadal digression if that makes any faculty of perception. It's still a advantageous watchfulness but don't look for it to be all wrapped up in the end.

2021 Honda CR-V Review

In a wide faculty of perception, the 2021 Honda CR-V is the quintessential little SUV. It's extended without being overly massive, pleasant without touching impressible or bouncy, and endlessly usable thanks to lots of freight extension. It's also light to impel and offers available all-roll impel. Yet the key to the CR-V's seek reference of the case or cause is that it typically manages to do these things just a little bit better than the rivalry.

The CR-V competes in one of the most fiercely contested classes around, with just about every mainstream automaker construction a crossover SUV that's roughly the same bigness and cost as the Honda. Other top alternatives hold the upscale Mazda CX-5, the well-equipped Nissan Sturdy beggar and the outdoorsy Subaru Forester. So is it for you? Repression out the categories of our CR-V Skilful Revise for our in-profundity evaluation.

What's it like to be alive with?

When the current Honda specs debuted in 2017, we were so impressed that we went out and bought one for our lengthy-bourn ordeal squadron. Peruse our coverage to learn more about the CR-V's cheer, trustworthiness and completion more than the lengthy drag. Memorandum that while we assayed a 2017 CR-V, the 2021 prototype is of the same procreation and the greater number of our coverage still applies.

Which CR-V does Edmunds commend?

There's really no unjust compact horizontal to peck, so a lot of your settlement will come down to your pack and which features you want. Can't conclude? Go with the midtier EX prototype. You get a few more to be desired features than the LX (eyeless-mark monitoring, for example) while guardianship the cost right.

Honda CR-V models

The 2021 Honda CR-V seats five and is available in four compact levels: LX, EX, EX-L and Touring. Forehead-roll impel is streamer, and all-roll impel is available across the plank. Memorandum that there is also a CR-V Cross, which is reviewed singly on

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